Monday, May 18, 2009

desert blues

Well, I'm back in Arizona. Back to the big blue skies. The hundred-degree heat. The wide open spaces and the long driving distances.

Over the weekend, Mountain Man and I joined some friends in the Chiricahua National Monument, which is one of the "sky islands" southeast of Tucson. It's a gorgeous and rugged place, almost unworldly, with these wild pinnacles rising high above the desert.

We took the scenic route there and back, giving us a solid ten hours of driving over the weekend. Between that and the quiet camp mornings, I thought I'd finish my current knitting project, but it was not to be. So, here's just a snippet of a progress shot for now:

And after all that blue, wouldn't your eyes like a shock of another color? I'm happy to oblige with an Engelmann's prickly pear flower, shining in the midday sun.


lexa said...

We went camping on the weekend, and I thought I'd get more done that what I did knitting-wise. I did finish a bag, it's felted and drying now. Better than nothing. :)

Knit Witch said...

Great photos!

Jen Ward said...

I'm so jealous I can't quite see straight!! Miss you all, and the luscious colors!

PinkAdele said...

Can I ask, do you ever get told off for knitting when you should be watching the "scenic" scenic route... is it just me?xxxxx

Kathy said...

Love the knitting you did accomplish! I love blues. The flower is neat.