Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Iso Socks

This is what my hands looked like over the weekend.

Dirty climbing hands. As the rope runs through your metal gear and across the dusty rocks, it picks up this gray sheen. And as it then runs through your hands while you're belaying or rappelling, it deposits this metallic dirt on your skin.

This is why knitter-climbers need to have dark knitting projects.  Accordingly, this is what I was picking up and working on -- with those filthy hands -- in between climbs:


Mountain Man's socks.  I do a seamless cast-on at the toes, then increase until it's wide enough.  Then I switch to 2x2 ribbing for the top of the foot:

When the foot is long enough, I do a short-row heel, and then I continue up the leg.  I stay with stockinette in the back until the top of his heel, at which point I do 2x2 all around. 

I love how the mottled greens of the yarn reflects the palette this landscape -- the spectacular quartzite cliffs and pine forests of Isolation Canyon.

Which, sad to say, is no longer very isolated now that the guidebook has come out (sigh).  There were over 30 people there on Sunday ... sceney atmosphere ... sporty climbers spilling their chalk carelessly ... loud voices echoing off the rock walls ... an unfriendly dog that wanted to bite me ...

I fell in love with this canyon when it had a wild, quiet beauty.  It was never mine, of course, and I have no right to want to keep it hidden. But. I felt a deep sorrow to see it turned into this scene, and I don't think I want to go back for a while.


Allie said...

We went to Iso a few weeks ago and I felt exactly the same - the place I adored so much just isn't the same. There were some nice, friendly folks to meet, but there was also a pack of /very loud climbers. It's definitely changed. Time will tell, I suppose.

nordwolke said...

I am not a rock climber but I know how irritating loud folks in natural surroundings can be. It is annoying indeed.

Hawthorn said...

We have treasured spaces here too, begrudging anyone else arriving and invading 'our' place. We've been known to leave due to shouting children, thoughtless families and nasty dogs. It is a shame. I can understand you not wanting to go back for a while.

Letty said...

Thanks to your help about dirty hands. I totally forgot about this point when I planed my tripp to frankenjura and what knitting project has to come with me.
Since Climbing become popular, so much terrible loud and ignorant people are in the climbing areas, so sad. But we could found some quite places without annoying people.