Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cliff Dweller Chalk Bag

I don't know how many other knitter-climbers there are in the world ... but this pattern's for you! It's a densely cabled chalk bag, inspired by the sinuously layered sandstone spires of Sedona.

It has a rigid rim, constructed by sewing in a circle of tubing underneath a turned hem.

And a fleece lining, which closes snugly with a hidden internal drawstring. You can see it pinned in here, in preparation for the hand-sewing (basic, I promise!). Makes it a great bag for carrying anything small and precious.

The hemp-blend yarn is pretty tough-wearing, especially when knit up at such a tight and sturdy gauge, though I still probably wouldn't take it into any crazy off-width granite action! :)

The pattern has both charted and written knitting directions, with a detailed tutorial (lots of photos!) to walk you through the sewing and construction.

For more details or to buy the pattern, check out its Ravelry page:


Acorn to Oak said...

It's really cute! I love the design and the color. It would also make a great doggy treat bag to carry treats on walks and for training. :-)

Jackie said...

Very nice :-) You always do such amazing work!

Lisa said...


Turtle said...

love it, if only i still climbed!

kathy b said...

Sedona? SO LOVELY.
THE CHALK POUCH is beautiful

Unknown said...

This is lovely. I too am a knitter-climber, although not sure my knit skills are up to this!