Monday, May 23, 2011

dark & jagged

It's hard to look dark and jagged when the sun has come out for the first time in weeks.

Ha! If you remember, this is the scarf that I started in February, back when it was icy and bleak. I'd wanted to knit a big, spiky thing to wrap around my neck and be angry in.

I knit this -- which is an improvised crescent with a knitted-on border in black Cascade Eco Wool -- and was immediately disappointed. Even after blocking, it rolled so viciously that it turned into a snake (a snake with spikes, a stegosaurus snake) rather than then a voluminous wrap. I'd tossed it into a corner and vowed to frog it. That's why you didn't see it on the blog all these months.

I still had about half the ball of Eco Wool left. When I fetched it last week to make my curious cardigan, the dark & jagged scarf fell off the shelf. And I was shocked to find that it was more fun than I'd remembered. I finally sewed in the ends, and ta-da! wore it around town on Saturday.

Saturday, by the way, was predicted to be dark and stormy. Perfect for photographing my scarf, perfect for wandering about town and searching for other dark and jagged things like moss (above) and sweet shrub (below).

The sky was still threatening thunderstorms when I left my house. But by the time I reached my friend's place in Jamaica Plain, the sun had burst through the clouds, and we had the first glorious day we've had in weeks.

So, in sky and in scarf, I ended up with sunshine despite my best efforts!


Darline said...

You're creativity is boundless.

Hanna Breetz said...

I don't know about that! I do like to experiment with strange things ... but it doesn't always work out so well :)

kathy b said...

The pointy scarf apparently needed that time out in the closet. It is very unlike most of your knits......You are brave to break out. SO glad the sun finally shone for you

Julie said...

What an awesome scarf!!