Thursday, May 19, 2011

little black shrug

I was back in DC last weekend for a luscious spring wedding.

I whipped up a curious little cardi-shrug in time for the ceremony. I'd only started it a few days earlier and never really thought I'd finish it to wear over the weekend. But I got so much knitting in during the Friday rehearsal that I said, hmmm, maybe it's possible ... let me look up on my iPhone to see if there's a shop nearby where I can get a button.

And lo and behold, it turned out that the rehearsal was literally around the corner from Looped!

What a lovely, lovely shop. Beautiful yarns. Inspiring space. Gorgeous light. And super friendly people. I can't wait to go back when I have more time.

And they had just the button I needed. On Saturday, I bound off the sweater while my sister was helping me properly blow dry my hair, and I sewed on the button on the way to the ceremony.

A little strange ... needs a little adjustment so it doesn't scallop up in the front ... but for an improvised eleventh-hour knit, it's kind of quirkily fun!

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kathy b said...

quirky... I think not
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