Monday, January 10, 2011


Back east again. Light snow cover, and a windy chill. I headed back to Connecticut for the weekend to visit my family, though, and that warmed me right up.

On Saturday we went out for a peaceful stroll around the reservoir, all bundled up against the cold.

My sister wore her new Ashwyn beret in Fleece Artist Lanica, a soft, naturally-dyed merino. I love this green on her! And always feel so happy to give her soft things to keep her warm.

When I started the hat in October, I just went with the recommended needle size because that's what I had in my apartment, and I was too lazy to check gauge. It turned out quite a bit larger than intended. Shame on me for not checking gauge. The saving grace is that my sister is fabulous enough to pull off such a slouch. I never could.

Instead, I had my curious elfin hat, which made a brief appearance on the blog when I first finished it in November. It's in a windspun (literally) wool yarn from Hope Spinnery, a wind-powered spinnery in Maine. I love it. It was the one yarn that I bought at Rhinebeck this year.

I started with several stitches at the top, increased until it fit my head, then knit straight downwards. When I ran out of the gray yarn (most of the yarn was taken up by a pair of mittens that's been waiting since November for some thumbs), I added in some green yarn for the ribbing.

hee hee

I miss my life in Arizona tremendously, but I'm loving being back in winter again! And being close to family. Nothing like it.


Hawthorn said...

Lovely photographs, thank you for sharing

nordwolke said...

I love hats. Especially, the one you made for your sister is gorgeous. And it seems you are having a real good time. :)

Mandy said...

The Hope Spinnery yarn is great! I bought some at Rhinebeck, too. Actually, I think that was the only yarn I bought!

Turtle said...

what a family resemblance, both beautiful! Where in CT? I lived in the Niantic/ Stonington/Mystic area for 7 years... no place quite like NEngland!

Madam Butterfly said...

I loved the beret! Beautiful photos!

Kathy said...

Genetics are so apparent. YOu two look like sibs for sure. Love the hat you knitted for her. She certainly pulls it off. Great images as always! Your hat is darling. What is the kitty's name??? He's lovely

messmonkey said...

Your sister adores her hat. She has been wearing it every day with a big smile.