Monday, September 27, 2010

harvest season

Late September is an exquisite time to be back in New England. It's so rich with earthy aromas, deep colors, heartier food and drink, and soft air. It triggers all kinds of memory and nostalgia for me. Yet I'm happy to be discovering new experiences here too -- like the grape harvest.

I went back to Connecticut to visit family and friends last weekend, and one of our adventures was a jaunt out to the splendid Jerram Winery to help with their harvest. It was an overcast day, but really so lovely. The foliage is already beginning to turn, but the air was still warm enough to have bare arms.

It was a wonderfully fun and casual affair. We each grabbed a pair of orange-handled clippers from the bucket on the porch

and walked out to the grapevines, heavy with fruit. We'd set up on either side of a vine, place the cartons below, clip off the grape clusters there, and then move along down the row.

The hours went by quickly, with laughter and conversation and sticky fingers. And before long, the end of the afternoon was upon us. The grapes went into the crusher ...

and we retired to the front porch for a celebratory tasting!

The wine was delicious, and the Jerram family was super warm, welcoming, and just plain fun. Who ever knew that the Connecticut grape harvest could be so amazing?


Rachel Star Koladis said...

Thanks for coming Hanna! I had so much fun with you, and looking over the pictures that you took of us takes me out of the office and back to the vineyard! See you again soon!

Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! That sounds like a super fun day! What beautiful pictures too! :-D