Thursday, September 16, 2010

quick cali jaunt

This past weekend, I made a quick jaunt out to California for a fabulous family wedding. The setting was gorgeous: overlooking the Pacific ocean on a high bluff, with a lighthouse in the backdrop and the late afternoon sun setting everything aglow. I brought my own wedding shawl out for the occasion:

And naturally, I had a new knitting project tucked into my purse so that I could get in a few rows while the post-wedding pictures were being taken. Can you guess what it is?

It's mighty hard to believe, but I am FINALLY getting myself around to knitting another Vermont shawl. I tried to go for warm, autumnal colors, since the first one was in cool greens. I chose the color poorly, though, so I am afraid that I will have to knit yet another one after this to really get it right. If this shawl pattern ever gets written and released, it will be a miracle!


Julie said...

Your wedding shawl looks gorgeous on you, and that Vermont shawl looks amazing!! usually lace-in-progress looks a mess, but that already is beautiful.

Joansie said...

Your wedding shawl is beautiful. As for the Vermont shawl, I've never heard of it. Can you provide a link to the pattern? Living in Vermont, I will find it interesting. Thanks!

Turtle said...

lol, still waiting for that written pattern, i mean as a native born vermonter and all.... i should knit one! smile Glad the sun showed it's head for your pacific trip.