Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sea Urchin - Pattern

[Note: you can download this pattern as a PDF by clicking here]

Whimsical, bobbled sea urchin
, knit in soft wool and felted into a sturdy and intriguing ovoid, about the size of the palm of your hand. Use it as a pincushion, toy, or displayable curiosity.


: 15-20 yards of Cascade Ecological Wool (100% wool, 250g/478yds), color 8010 (note: both worsted and bulky weight yarn will work in this pattern)
US 10.5 (6.5 mm) double pointed needles
: tapestry needle; stuffing (wool roving, fabric scraps, synthetic filling, etc.)


14 stitches and 18 rows = 4" (gauge measured before felting)
: Finished, stuffed sea urchin is approximately 3.5" across and 2.25" high

B3 = 3-stitch bobble: K1,P1,K1 into next stitch; turn and K3; turn and Sl1-K2tog-PSSO
B4 = 4-stitch bobble: K1,P1,K1,P1 into next stitch; turn and K4; turn and Sl1-K2tog-PSSO
K = knit
K2tog = knit two together
Kfb = knit into the front and back of the next stitch
P = purl
PSSO = pass slipped stitch(es) over the knit stitch
Sl = slip knitwise


Cast on 14 stitches. Divide stitches among 3 double-pointed needles and join in a circle.Round 1: Knit

Round 2: [K1, Kfb] 7 times (21 stitches)

Round 3: Knit

Round 4: [K2, Kfb] 7 times (28 stitches)

Round 5: Knit

Round 6: [K3, Kfb] 7 times (35 stitches)

Rounds 7, 9, 11: K3, [B4, K6] 4 times, B4, K3

Rounds 8, 10, 12: Knit

Round 13: K3, [B3, K6] 4 times, B3, K3

Round 14: K2, [Sl1, K2tog, PSSO, K4] 4 times, Sl1, K2tog, PSSO, K2 (25 stitches)

Round 15: K2, [B3, K4] 4 times, B3, K2

Round 16: Knit

Round 17: K2, [B3, K4] 4 times, B3, K2

Round 18: K1, [Sl1, K2tog, PSSO, K2] 4 times, Sl1, K2tog, PSSO, K1 (15 stitches)

Round 19: K1, [B3, K2] 4 times, B3, K1

Round 20: [Sl1, K2tog, PSSO] 5 times (5 stitches)

Break yarn, leaving a 6" tail. Thread yarn tail on a tapestry needle and draw through remaining stitches. Sew in ends.

Felt the sea urchin by machine (toss into a hot or warm wash) or by hand (soak in hot water with a dash of soap and gently rub with your hands). When it's felted to your desired dimensions, rinse and let dry.

Stuff the sea urchin. To close the opening at the bottom, thread about 8" of yarn onto your tapestry needle and take small running stitches around the opening. Pull tightly to close the hole. Tie the ends of the yarn in a knot and hide them inside the sea urchin.



Turtle said...

me likes! thanks!

Terri said...

I am so making this as soon as I get my hands on some needles :) I am thinking of doing a few of them in different colors

Alyoops said...

Hi! Your pattern is too cute, I featured it on my blog, Knit Me!

I posted it as part of a weekly feature that showcases free knit amigurumi/toys/dolls/whimsies on the internet.

Jo said...

Really nice pattern, thanks for posting it! Very simple and cleverly designed. I posted my finished results here.

Leslie Lim said...

I love this post, and I was absolutely thrilled to see the other links that you published that go along with this topic. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am happy to be a new follower. :)