Friday, February 02, 2007

baby saves drowning woman

I've been in a bit of a bad mood recently, largely due to the existential woes of coming up with a dissertation topic. I'd even run into a bit of rocky ground with knitting, with lots of mis-fittings and rippings out (didn't quite feel up to blogging about it). In the midst of this, it was a special treat to receive this unexpected and wonderful photo:
Remember the rustic baby sweater that I'd knit in September? This is the darling baby for whom that sweater was intended, and the sweater actually fits now!! It's incredibly gratifying to see my handknits in action, so to speak (I actually remember Veronique saying that getting a photo of a baby wearing your handknits is the holy grail of knitting). This photo came out of the blue, and I am so appreciative of the thoughtfulness behind it. Thank you Morgan, and congratulations on your beautiful baby!

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