Friday, February 16, 2007

And repeat

That's how my watchcap pattern should have ended, because apparently that's what I'm doing. Not long after finishing up Mountain Man's rusty one, I've made myself a black one. It's marvelous, and I'm happy to have one for myself, but now I've had enough (it's a rather tedious thing to knit three times!). I photographed it on Wednesday in the midst of the snowstorm.
And a glorious snowstorm it was!! Almost two feet of beautiful, sparkling, powdery snow (check out the picnic table in the photos below). Although my back and shoulders are killing after spending 6-7 hours shovelling over the last two days, I'm amazingly happy to have snow like this.

But there's a wisp of heartbreak in all this snowy joy. What makes it more precious, but at the same time harder to purely delight in, is the fact that this is a despairing fleeting experience. We have to move this summer. Chances are good that we're going to a hot and sunny climate, which is so against my nature that I'm afraid I'll wither and die. That's the real, unsaid reason behind all my blues lately. And with that, let me preserve some of this snowstorm in a few snapshots:


Anonymous said...

The photos and the hats are lovely! As is your dog.

I hope that your dissertation-topic woes have eased somewhat. Getting a Ph.D. is so demanding, more so than I even thought before I started my program, and there are lots of little bumps in the road. But just keep going...if my experience is any guide, you'll get through to a better and more rewarding patch.

Gustavo said...

Hanna! Either I'm cursed, or the hat you knitted me is blessed. David threatened to tell you, so I might as well fess up. I nearly lost the cap a rediculous amount of times this weekend in new york. In two days, I dropped the hat in the lobby on the way into the the opera house, and again on the way out. I left it in a cab that had already begun to speed away when I realized i'd left it, which was luckily flagged down by someone else on that street, and I swear there was one more incident that I don't recall now. But somehow, I managed to come back home with it and resist the intense desire of New York's streets to rob me of my beautiful cap. I do love it.

Alice said...

Such beautiful pictures! I think I'll try the knit cap myself, thanks for posting the pattern. If I start now, it may be done in time for next winter!!