Thursday, October 12, 2006

progress and sweater plans

Substantial progress has been made on the tie-front shrug that I started last month, progress both in terms of knitting and major re-designing. The softness of the yarn (Malabrigo) made me think that the wear and tear on the ties would have seriously limited the life of the sweater. And the increases closed the front rather faster than I'd expected. And the style seemed a bit, well, on its way out perhaps. The plan now is for a half-length cardigan that closes with pewter clasps. Looks a bit ragged in the picture, but I'm gleeful about it when it's on!
I'm all in full sweater mode now, getting ready to embark on two more seamless sweaters a la Elizabeth Zimmerman - bottom up rather than top down. On the left is Knitpicks Andean Silk in Navy, intended for a yoked sweater for myself, probably in plain stockinette with garter stitch borders. On the right is Cascade Eco Wool in Silver,intended for a mistake-rib, raglan sweater for Mountain Man. Hopefully I'll be able to finish my purple cardigan this weekend and will very soon be able to cast on for these sweaters.


Anonymous said...

wow looks great! although I really WAS a fan of your shrug design. But this will look lovely as well I'm sure. Can't wait to see the finished product!

VickeryKnits said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog re my snail hat--it was so popular around my house that my sister stole it on her visit last week! Meg left a comment on my Zimmermania post about an updated pattern for the Snail that appears in The Oppinionated Knitter, just in case you'd ever like to try it.
Oh--and I am also knitting a Malabrigo shrug/cardi too!