Wednesday, October 25, 2006

fleece artist finished objects

Remember that fabulous Fleece Artist yarn that I picked up as a souvenir of Nova Scotia? I've been steadily, happily working through it. Last month I'd whipped up a hat with the blue-faced leicester, which was pleasant but somehow lacked punch. Last night I finally figured out how to make the most of the yarn.
Scarf: A short, fuzzy once-around-the-neck-and-knot-jauntily scarf
Yarn: Fleece Artist 'Mo' Mohair -- this is *monster* mohair, not some dainty kidsilk haze or kid seta
Pattern: 24 stitch scarf in a feather-and-fan pattern (knit two rows, purl one row, then pattern row of k2tog twice, (yo k1) 4x, k2tog 4x, (yo k1) 4x, k2tog twice -- and repeat) on size 11 needles.

Hat: super dense cap, with nubbin at top
Yarn: Fleece Artist 'Mo' and blue-faced leicester, combined
Pattern: cast on 64 stitches, join into a circle. K1P1 ribbing for 4 rows. K1 P1 inc1 for 1 row (96 st). Knit straight until about 4.5 inches long. Dec in ten sections, alternating a decrease row with a plain row (note: first dec row will be (k2tog, k17) twice, (k2tog, k8) twice, (k2 tog, k17) twice. Second dec row will be (k2tog, k7) around. Third dec row will be (k2tog, k6) around. And so forth). I did a few rows of 3-stitch i-cord at the top to make the nubbin. Needles were size 8 16" bamboo circular, with bamboo dps for the top.

I couldn't get the color right with this picture - which shows both hats folded against the scarf - but hopefully you can get a sense of the marvelous texture of the yarn (click on photo for larger view). The mohair and blue-faced leicester are very pleasant on their own, but they create a most amazing fabric when combined.

I managed to get the scarf and both hats from one of the 'favorite soft mitten' kits, which makes for quite a good value.

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