Monday, April 17, 2006

Look how you've grown!

The print o' the wave shawl grew heartily this weekend. Here she is:

I think this will block out to about 20 inches, which makes it about a third finished. I'm tremendously pleased by the progress, and I like the shapes and textures more as the shawl grows. But I'll admit that I've started to reach saturation point. I need another project to break up the monotony.

I remember hearing that eating is most pleaurable if you alternate bites of the different foods on your plate. It keeps your taste buds sharp, brings out the contrasts in flavor and texture, helps you really appreciate the food. Knitting, for me, follows the same concept. Too much of one project dulls my appreciation and interest. So as happy as I am with this shawl, look for a new side project in the next few days!

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