Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Gathering of (Unfinished) Lace

One of my goals for this year, despite what I implied in my previous post, is to reduce the number of WIPs cluttering up my shelves. Most bothersome: stalled lace projects. I've had a habit of getting discouraged when I make a mistake, putting down the knitting, then never again picking it up. Currently I'm facing four such projects:

(clockwise from left)
1. Feather and fan scarf, Nandia cashmere laceweight in a rich wine color (I started this four years ago...)
2. Flared Lace Smokering, in's wool laceweight, "pagoda"
3. River, in Kidsilk Night, "starlight"
4. Harlot's Snowdrop Shawl, in knitpick's merino laceweight, "sunset." (Think I'll just frog this terrible one)

I need to figure out how to work through the discouragement. Especially since I have in mind a new, big, and important lace project: a wedding stole.

At least Leila's having fun with this!

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