Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back East

Traveled back to New England for an end-of-the-summer extravaganza.  Quick trip, actually, but I filled myself with the eastern moods and memories that I miss in California.  Sunny mornings on the our little lake in the Vermont woods, after waking up to mist and loon calls ... 

Lobster. Lobster bakes with corn and beans. Lobster rolls. Lobster bibs. (I even got myself a lobster claw bracelet to bring home the Maine-ness.)

Also: knitting!!  I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding in Maine, and one of the delights of the event was that another bridesmaid was also a serious knitter.  I was so very happy to meet her after reading about her exploits for years on her blog, The Howl. Check it out!  Her last post is an awesome exploration of the commonalities between knitting and mountaineering. I love it. 

And I loved sitting on the porch of the B&B, knitting and drinking mimosas while we had our hair done up for the wedding. (Actually, I'd like to sit on a sunny porch and drink champagne and knit ALL the time. Why not?)

Here's what she was working on.  Socks in a gorgeous deep blue, knit in a fine ribbed pattern with a twisted rib cable.  They were beautiful.  

To see what I was knitting ... stay tuned!  


Acorn to Oak said...

Looks like a great trip!

Knitdog said...

Ai! I am on the blog! Mournfully, sitting in my cold, dark office in Millinocket..and finally catching up on my blog posts!

I love that picture as they are far and few between, me knitting with another knitter. Thanks a million for that great day.