Sunday, August 05, 2012

happy trails

A few nights ago -- on the night of the full moon -- we said goodbye to Sedona.  We hiked up to an overlook just above where we were staying, poured ourselves a glass of wine, and toasted the end of our sojourn.

To the west, we watched the setting sun.

To the east, the moonrise.

And then we were off, walking down the dusty red rock trails to finish packing and get on the road to Phoenix.

It seems like yesterday that we arrived, doesn't it?  This month went by in the blink of an eye.  But the next adventure is just around the corner ... 


Rachel said...

Unbelievable how green it looks! Such a beautiful setting - and a beautiful evening for wrapping things up.

evergreenknits said...

After a few weeks of rain, it is indeed magically green! Grass and weeds suddenly sprout from the desert floor. Tumbleweed grows big and green in disturbed roadsides. The ocotillo (and in the low desert the palo verde) push out leaves. It's incredible!

Fynpige said...

Love to look at your fantastic photos...and love to se you knit in the nature ! Hey from Denmark

KiniaCat Crafts said...

Particularly excellent pictures!
Neatly said and posted. Thank you for showing Arizona at it's very best.