Monday, June 04, 2012

snakes, flowers, leaves

As the temperatures climbed in Phoenix, we went climbing in Sedona. Up on the cliffs, we took in the sensory experiences: the colors of red rocks and blue skies, the metallic clank of chains and climbing gear, and the unmistakable diamonds of a rattlesnake.... 

(And yes, this was up on the cliff!  A baby rattlesnake with a full belly, curled up on a rock ledge by the top of the long first pitch.  Gave me quite a scare!)  

Back down on terra firma, we had a long, blazingly hot hike back to the car.   My brain felt addled by the beating midday sun, but at least I was still able to glory in the beauty of the desert flowers.  Golden-flower Century Plant (Agave chrysantha), standing ten feet tall.  Engelmann's Prickly Pear (Opuntia engelmannii), nestled in a thicket of green cactus pads. 

What relief it was to get back to the house we'd rented, to cool off with a shower, pour myself an icy drink, and sit on the shaded patio with my knitting.  I was working up leaves, which will eventually be sewn into a family tree afghan.    

 This particular leaf is knit in a naturally-dyed tussah silk and wool yarn, which I helped dye during a natural dye class in Taos a couple years ago.  Beautiful texture and color.  A pleasure to knit.

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