Sunday, December 04, 2011

Ay, I'm falling behind! Late autumn is such a busy time for academics. Just catching up now on our Thanksgiving in Durham, NC. Though the highlight was undoubtedly the new kitten in the family, the rest of the visit was splendidly season.

Homemade Pie

Campus Foliage

Bare Branches

Postprandial Strolls

Recognize those shawls, by the way? They're the Lotus Shawls (lavender silk and white cormo) that I knit this past summer. We took the pattern photos in Duke Gardens ... one step closer to having the pattern on its way ...


Florence said...

The pie looks yummy and the foliage is beautiful and so are your shawls!

judy said...

Beautiful.. All of them, but especially the last.

kathy b said...

THere is just nothing like a new kitten...nothing!!!

I love your shawls...they look amazing.

Rachel said...

How is your doctorate going by the way? Are you done the fellowship that had you back east? (sorry, I missed a lot this summer)?

Love the matching shawls!

nordwolke said...

Looking very much forward to the Lotus Shawl pattern. I am not much into triangular-shaped shawls but I would definitely knit this one. Do you know when it will be available?