Tuesday, October 05, 2010


It's high time for an update on my overly pink shawl. It's getting voluminous enough that most of the time it looks like a big blob, all scrunched up on the needle.

But spread it out, and it blossoms into foliage!

I'm really happy with how it's turning out. I've spent a ton of time re-engineering the increases: rather than the stark doubling rows of a traditional pi-shawl (which you can see in the original version), I've worked the increases into transitional lace sections.

The only thing that I'm not thrilled with is my yarn choice, or more precisely, my colorway choice. The yarn -- Madeline Tosh Prairie in "Mulled Wine" -- was an impulsive buy in my local yarn store, whose soft indoor light made the yarn look decidedly less pink. The yarn is nice and springy, but the color is just way too girly to look autumnal. And every time I pull it out, I find myself singing a campy rendition of the song "Strawberry Wine," which is terribly annoying. So ... we'll see ... I think it's a beautiful color, just not for this shawl, and maybe not for me.

Once the pattern is all finished, I may dye the whole shawl a deep, warm, earthy brown with black-walnut hulls, which are ripening in this season.

Oh!! And I almost forgot: I've decided to go to Rhinebeck on a quest for the ultimate yarn for this shawl. Let me know if you'll be there too!


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOooooo VERY pretty! I love it!

Elizabeth said...

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the signature pink ribbon. You are just helping people be more "aware"!

cksknitter said...

I like the pink, but I can understand how you feel. You seem to like earth tones and yarns with a more organic texture. I love your style.

Julie said...

it's a gorgeous shawl, but I can understand what you mean about a colour not feeling like it's 'you', Definitely dye it to something you'll love, otherwise you won't wear it.

kathy b said...

Well I love the lacework when it is spread out. Your over dye idea is a good one, but I like the color as is! I'll bet you dye it over and it comes out great. You have a knack