Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sangria Seasilk

I lost my steam for continuing the Bhutan travelogue, but I definitely still want to write about the Shetland Triangle I knit on the trip.

Mountain Man and I went up to the desert this evening to photograph it. We caught the last bit of light before the sun slipped down behind Piestawa Peak.

Here are the details: it's knit in Hand Maiden Seasilk in 'Sangria,' 1 skein. Size 6 needles. Pattern is the Shetland Triangle, with 10 repeats of the main pattern section. I can see why this pattern has been so popular: the construction is meditatively simple, and the stitch pattern has a lovely, organic flow.

It was a real pleasure to knit it in the lusciousness that is Seasilk. I can see myself knitting another of these in the near future, especially since this once is not destined for myself. I'm sending it off as a secret gift to someone (only to be revealed once it's received!).

Now, I had to include this last photograph because it was Mountain Man's favorite, and he was, after all, such a sweet man to indulge me by taking endless knitting photos. But I have to admit that I think he mostly liked it because it has rocks in it!

As for me, I think the ocotillos -- wild, wind-waving, intensely colored -- made for a better backdrop. They're so dramatic in this season, when they've dropped their leaves in the early heat but are still topped with a blaze of flowers.


lexa said...

Gorgeous shawl, and gorgeous photos, too! :)

mel said...

What a beautiful piece of knitting, and I love that the colors are echoed in those beautiful flowers.

Nat Red Knits said...

I have to agree with Mountain Man on the favorite photo. I am a freak for rocks too. The shawl is lovely. I envy you lace knitters. I don't seem to have the patience for it.

gayle said...

What a fabulous knit! But isn't it hard to let go of something so lovely?
Those flowers are beautiful, too - love the colors.

Kathy said...

The colors are shown off so beautifully in the desert. Mountain man is a sport to help with the blog. We are lucky to have our supportive husbands.

ponyknit said...

Love it! The yarn suits the pattern so well. That pattern may very well be my next shawl!

debunraveled said...

saw it live tonight in Hartford.