Monday, November 03, 2008


Can you tell that I'm happy with my fresh-off-the-needles top?

Yay! Love it. It's a simple tube knit out of Rowan purelife organic cotton in a naturally-dyed gray, with ribbing at the top and bottom and straps of gray satin. Simple. Clean. Elemental.

You may recall that the original plan for this garment was considerably busier and cutsier. I planned to stripe the gray with a light pink and make straps out of a ribbon with gray and pink daisies. ICK. I think I was so taken with the coincidence of matching colors that I was blinded to the preciousness of it all.

What saved me from my own plan was the difficulty of making tidy stripes in this yarn. It's a very unforgiving yarn to knit with. Splitty. Dense. No give. No bloom. Matte texture where mistakes are readily apparent. All this means that it was very, very difficult to sew in the ends invisibly, even without dealing with color changes. So, in the end I kept it simple.


Ren said...

what a gorgeous top. i just LOVE the pictures of it -- beautiful. : )

kathy b said...

Fantastic knit. I love that color. Understated and wonderful. I love your tall grass backdrop!

Anonymous said...

You found a knitted piece to wear in the Arizona heat! I never could :)

Anonymous said...

You should be happy! It's very well done, and it suits you and looks great :)