Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Taos Magic

There are times when life hands you gifts, gifts so beautiful that you wonder what you've done to deserve them and you vow to be a better person for the rest of your life. This is what I felt like last weekend. We were thinking about driving to see a friend's fantastic film - Dalai Lama Renaissance - in the Taos Mountain Film Festival. All resentment about the 9 hour drive evaporated when our friend said these magic words: "By the way, there's a wool festival in the park right next to the film festival."

So we were off to spend the weekend looking at films wool! Here are few images:

good husband carrying off some of my purchases

local emergency service men clustered around a spinner

awe-inspiring plant-dyed yarns from Earth-Arts

The plant-dyed yarns were the surprise treasure of the festival. Although I went absolutely ga ga over all the handspun alpaca that was there, I went all out for the naturally dyed wools. I came home with these beauties:

The weekend wore out my driving stamina and my shopping stamina -- expect a yarn moratorium for a while now. But I'm totally invigorated for learning about the west (Taos is gorgeous!) and for checking out all the fiber arts that are going on here.


Anonymous said...

Hanna, the photos are absolutely luscious! What a wonderful experience you must have had.

I love the Southwest personally; I hope you will come to really enjoy it there.

Jill said...

What luck! :D Glad you found the wool fair--how great is that? Love your natural dyed yarns...they are to die for!

Anonymous said...

how lucky! A day made for you!

Anonymous said...

When next you go to Taos, check out the Taos Sunflower yarn shop!