Thursday, July 12, 2007

about face

In which I reverse course on everything I said in the last post....

I'm back to the hemp. Started a plain, stockinette tank on a circular needle and decided it isn't so bad after all. Stitches are a bit labored, but not too painful, I found, if I don't try anything complicated. It's not much to look at just yet, so I decided to photograph it in front of the 'Irish Eyes' Rudbeckias. They're the most riotous things going in my garden at the moment. And look who came out to check it out!

This leads to a quick tangent on rural life --- it's been an intense day, animalwise. It's the first gorgeously sunny day after five days of thunderstorms, and all the creatures are positively bustling with energy. My pets have been hunting up a storm, trying to look tough after all those nights of shivering about the thunder. The kitty caught a bird and a chipmunk. And I found the dog walking around with a baby turkey in her mouth (I did manage to rescue the little thing, which was peeping like mad as a I walked it back into the forest but ran off at a healthy pace when I let it go!).

Anyways, back to the knitting. The reason I've returned to the hemp is that I got soured on the sock. I knit the leg, gleefully patting myself on the back for my creativity. I turned the heel on three needles, just fine. I started back on double knitting for the foot, got halfway down, thought it looked awfully wide without the full-round ribbing, and realized I couldn't try it on when the stupid thing was closed at the end on one needle. Irritated me to no end. And because I'm such a dilletante, I thought I'd start something new (hemp) rather than work out the problems with the sock.

Anyways, I should have more to show in the next few days. Mountain Man has left for two weeks of mountainous field work, so it's just the yarn and the critters to keep me company!


Aura said...

I should be getting the same yarn in "brick" (to knit a skirt, no less) and it'll be interesting to see how rough it is. I might try soaking it in warm water first - I've heard that helps with linen, anyway.

And now I am wondering about a skirt in blue hemp...

Macoco said...

I do that with projects too - once I hit a snag, I turn to something else. :)

Poor baby turkey! It sounds like it made it out okay though.