Thursday, March 01, 2007

Forecast progress

This is a dash of a post with an update on Forecast. Here it is as of this morning (note: in real life, the sleeves are the right size. It's just the fact that they can spread out in this unfinished state that gives it a 'flying nun' kind of quality):

Figuring out the yoke was a pain in the neck, since it involved numerous iterations of knitting two rows, placing the 200+ stitches on scrap yarn, trying it on, thinking it's close but not ready, and moving it back to the needle. Blah. It sapped me of my knitting excitement, so that I had to drag myself to do it instead of happily grabbing every spare minute to knit. But once that was passed, the rest of the body has gone quickly.

I'm headed off to a conference for a couple days, but I think this is too ungainly a project for travel. So I'm taking a break from it and starting in on another organic cotton baby blanket -- seems like those babies are sprouting up everywhere these days!


Anonymous said...

dude i like the flying nun!

Elinor said...

Forecast looks great - it fits you well! Flying nun is cute too. Have a good time at your conference!