Thursday, September 21, 2006

back on track

Theme of the week: getting back on track with things long left neglected.

For knitting, this takes me to a baby sweater that I started last summer. I'd finished the back and sleeves, but I put it aside because it seemed awkwardly short and fat:
The ten-month old baby this is intended for is already wearing the 18-24 month size I was knitting. No chance of getting more yarn since this was a discontinued color. I'm out of time - must get back to it before baby grows too big!

I pulled out the sweater this weekend and held it up to a shirt that the baby has recently been fitting into. Oh how embarrassing. Short and fat indeed! The sleeves are waaay too short, and the body is both short and hilariously wide.
Solution? Over the weekend I added a couple of inches to the sleeves, and I started reknitting the body in the round. I'm up to the sleeve join now, and I just have to knit the front and back in flat and then seam it up. Hopefully will have a finished sweater to show after this weekend.

I must say, it's lovely how the knitting flies off the needles when you're knitting with purpose.

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