Sunday, June 04, 2006

Green Pastures

I am strongly drawn to all things green. Green leaves. Green tea. Green politics. Green yarn. Which brings me to two new and delicious projects started in the last week, both on circular needles (which I love). First up: a summery camisole in Cascade Fixation, color "fern." Here's a slice of it at the end of the first ball:

To be honest, I'm souring on this one a bit. The yarn was broken and knotted in three places in this one ball, which I find terribly annoying. But the bigger problem is that it's hard to figure out gauge in such an elastic yarn. I swatched and calculated much more carefully than usual, but I was far too conservative (not something I'm usually accused of) in terms of estimating how much stretch to allow. It fits, but it'd fit better with 30 fewer stitches. Sigh. Think I'll have to start over.

My second project is going more smoothly: a baby sweater in Knitpicks Crayon, color "green." Color is brighter and more saturated than I'd have ideally wanted, but the yarn is incredibly silky for cotton. And it's nice to have a project where I don't have to worry about sizing and fit.

Yay for light summer knitting!

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