Thursday, May 18, 2006


Last weekend was beautiful - soft, steady rain, mist in the valleys, lush, cool spring air, and jaunty wild columbines blooming at the edge of the forest.

The sad truth, though, was that I spent nearly every waking minute chained to my desk, writing a very difficult paper indeed. My wedding shawl was tucked away on a side table, where I cast it wistful glances. Taking a legitimate break to knit would've felt wrong, but every so often I'd pick it up to fondle and admire. And then it hit me: at the current length, it makes a perfect little costume cape!

So here I am, striking a pose in my 'thinking cape", hoping that this cape would grant me superhuman intellectual prowess. In fact, I think it did nothing but enable more procrastination, but I thought I'd show it since I have little actual knitting progress to share (just a bit on the second jaywalker and a few more inches on the lace here, but nothing worth trying to show).

Only one week left of finals period - and fifty pages of papers to go - and then hopefully I'll get some real knitting done. I mean, where are my priorities?!

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Veronique said...

Up up and away!