Wednesday, December 04, 2013

New hats on the Northwest road

Last week, Mountain Man and I drove north to spend Thanksgiving in Portland. We made a nice little roadtrip of it, splitting the drive each way into two civilized days on the road.  The first day we drove up to camp way up north on the California coast. We pitched our tent under a clear starry sky and awoke to a peaceful dawn along the Pacific ocean. 

Both of us had new hats to keep us warm. I had my Hoarfrost, and he had a new Cambridge Watchcap. Oh, yes, and a fuzzy dog to cuddle to keep warm, too! 

Along the way, we saw all kinds of wondrous woodland animals. Elk, owl, woodpecker.  Every time we spotted one of these creatures, it left me breathless with excitement.

Beautiful fauna as well. Ferns, moss, mushrooms EVERYWHERE. It was so wonderfully rich and earthy to walk in those Pacific Northwest woods.

Earthy ... and also chilly and damp. So those woolen hats were mighty necessary. Here's another picture of Mountain Man wearing his on a walk through Tryon Park in Portland. I love those biased, twisted ribs! The yarn is Quince & Co. Lark in a deep charcoal gray. 

Before we knew it, we had to head home to Berkeley. We spent one evening drive down to Ashland through farmland, bare trees, and a muted sunset. 

And on the last day, the last breath of freedom before heading back to the grind, were treated to beautiful views of Mount Shasta.

Thanks for coming along for the ride! And I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, too. 


Acorn to Oak said...

Looks like a chilly but wonderful trip. That owl photo is great! What a gorgeous creature!

nordwolke said...

I also love especially that owl photo but all pictures are beautiful as usual!

Leah said...

LOVE ALL OF THIS! Oh my the photos. OWL!

Wendy said...

One of my favorite views is coming south on 5, approaching Mt. Shasta. Gorgeous!

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